The NMR Mosaic is now available as a computer program for Windows based machines, although there are reports that it will run on a Mac under the Parallels Desktop for Mac (  In demo mode the program will let you use three pieces at a time; if you purchase a license you can use twenty pieces.  The license allows you to run the NMR Mosaic an unlimited number of times on a single computer; the license which you purchase is specific for the single computer on which you install the program.

Several licenses are available:
        7 days        $3.00
        30 days      $5.00
        120 days    $7.50
        1 year        $12.50

The NMR Mosaic requires that Microsoft's .NET  Framework is installed on your computer.  It is likely that it is already installed.  If it is not, the installation program will ask you to install it before installing the NMR Mosaic.  You may install the framework from this site or directly from Microsoft.  Either way, depending on your browser select "Run," "Open," or "Save" then "Run."

To download the NMR Mosaic click here. Depending on your browser, either select "Run," "Open," or "Save" then "Run."   If Microsoft whines that the publisher could not be verified, please install anyway.  

The program should run after it downloads.  If it doesn't, search and double click on "MosaicSetup.msi" or "dotnetfx.exe" to install them.

To purchase a license, simply start the program.  You will be asked whether you would like to purchase a license.  To do so select YES, and click on the provided link and follow the instructions.  You can pay for the license using PayPal; you do not have to have an account with PayPal to use PayPal to pay for the license.  The license will be emailed to you within a couple of minutes of your purchase.  The license in your PayPal Invoice ID.  Simply paste the it into the form provided in the NMR Mosaic program.   You must enter your license within 12 hours of purchasing it.

The NMR Mosaic can also be purchased as a site license. The license fee is based on the number of students taking Organic I and II at the institution.