Quick Guide for Using The NMR Mosaic

A.  For each peak in the spectrum:

  1. Use the integration (and molecular formula if available) to determine the number of hydrogens contributing to the peak. Choose the base mosaic piece.
  2. Use the peak multiplicity to determine the number(s) of hydrogens on neighbor group(s).  Choose the appropriate connector(s). Remember, you get n+1 peaks, where ‘n’ is the number of neighbor hydrogens.
  3. Use the chemical shift to determine whether the group is also adjacent to a functional group.  If so select the "Funct. Grp." connector.
  4. It doesn’t matter in which order you select the connectors.    
  5. Remember some peaks (like an isopropyl methyl) may require two pieces; use the integration as your guide.   

B.  Once all pieces are put together, fit them together to form the molecule.  Be sure that all colors match the colors of the adjacent pieces.

One thing to watch for: two yellow edges will match even though there is not a yellow functional piece between them. This is very wrong! There must be a yellow functional group between them, otherwise the two pieces would split each other and you would have a different spectrum.