Lesson 10
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Prevention of Cancer

Use the resources linked above in order to answer the following questions (which are the objectives to be mastered in this lesson):


1. Define cancer.


2. Discuss the various types of cancer in terms of causes, signs and symptoms.


3. Identify ways of protecting against the various cancers.


4. Discuss the most common treatments for cancer.

1. Answer the above questions (objectives).
E-mail them to the instructor in MS Word format.

2. Complete Assessment Activity 12.1 found at the end of chapter 12 in your textbook. Answer the follow-up questions at the very end of the assessment and e-mail a report to the instructor in MS Word format.

3. Scan the major news websites for cancer related articles. Write a brief description of at least 1 news story related to cancer and your opinion about it. Your report should be about 1/2 page. E-mail your report to the instructor in MS Word format. Some of the major sites include http://www.usatoday.com     http://www.msnbc.com     http://www.cnn.com  and others of your choice.