Lesson 2
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Exercising for Health-Related Fitness

Human beings were not made to be inactive. Exercise makes us feel better, look better and, most importantly, improves our health.  This lesson focuses upon health-related fitness and includes an in-depth look at the physical and behavioral components of exercising. An understanding of these components is necessary in order to fully understand lessons 3-5.


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Use the resources linked above in order to answer the following questions (which are the objectives to be mastered in this lesson):


1. Define and describe the concept "health-related fitness," including how it differs from "performance-related fitness and its role in wellness.


2. List and describe the 4 components of fitness.


3. Discuss the 6 principles of exercise training.


4. Describe the 3 phases in the progression of an exercise program.


5. Define "exercise adherence" and some techniques to improve it.


6. List the 5 parts of an exercise prescription and what each part represents.


1. Answer the above questions (objectives).
E-mail them to the instructor in MS Word format.

2. Scan the major news websites for health/wellness articles related to the subject of this chapter and write a brief report on one of them. Your report should be about 1/2 page for each news story. E-mail them to the instructor in MS Word format. Some of the major sites include http://www.usatoday.com     http://www.msnbc.com     http://www.cnn.com  and others of your choice.