Lesson 8
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Exercise, Diet & Bodyweight Control

Maintaining a desirable body weight throughout life is a popular, but elusive goal for most adults. At any one time, 50% of American women, and 25% of American men are dieting to lose weight, with only 5% of those involved in quick weight loss programs successfully keeping the weight lost off for five or more years. Obesity increases the risk for many diseases; most notably heart disease, colon cancer, hypertension, arthritis, kidney disease, and diabetes. Additionally, obesity often results in low self-esteem and social stigma. Education is the key to appropriate and effective body weight control. This lesson discusses the causes of overweight and obesity, and the key components (diet, exercise, and behavior modification) used in its prevention and treatment.

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Use the resources linked above in order to answer the following questions (which are the objectives to be mastered in this lesson):


1. Explain why obesity is detrimental to health and wellness.


2. Define body composition, overweight, and obesity.


3. Discuss the energy balance theory of weight control.


4. Discuss the role of exercise in reducing body fat.


5. Describe inappropriate methods of weight loss.


6. Outline an appropriate program for reducing body fat.



1. Answer the above questions (objectives). E-mail them to the instructor in MS Word format.

2. Complete Assessment Activities 10.1, 10.2, and 10.4 found at the end of chapter 10 in your textbook.  Provide a brief summary of the results of these assessments.  and e-mail a brief report to the instructor in MS Word format.

3. Scan the major news websites for weight loss related articles. Write a brief description of at least 1 news story related to weight loss and your opinion about it. Your report should be about 1/2 page. E-mail your report to the instructor in MS Word format. Some of the major sites include http://www.usatoday.com     http://www.msnbc.com     http://www.cnn.com  and others of your choice.