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The following WWW sites have been chosen for use as resources relating to the subject matter covered in this learning chapter. Because the WWW is a dynamic, fast changing resource, there may be additional sites not listed here, which may contain useful information, images, lab exercises, etc. If you choose to use additional sites make certain that they are authored by professional, knowledgeable entities. The WWW can be a source of bad, as well as good information. Clicking on sites advertised within the primary site may lead to information promoted by businesses for marketing purposes and may be misleading. You are not required to use sites that charge fees. Please inform your instructor of problems with any of the sites.

American Dietetic Association:
This authoritative site contains various nutritional resources, links, and “frequently asked questions” responses.

Cyberdiet Nutritional Profile:
This is a really useful site. It features a daily food planner, a comparison of fast food meals, a recipe index, and several nutritional assessments.

The Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorders:
This excellent site provides great information about all aspects of eating disorders and what to do if a friend or loved one has an eating disorder.

Nutrition for Normal People:
Nutritional analysis, articles, nutritional encyclopedia, dietary calculator, etc. Another useful site.

Fat-Free Recipe Center:
A large collection of fat-free recipes.

Fast Food Finder:
Nutritional information on your favorite fast food (by restaurant). You may not want to know the information from this site!

Veggies Unite! On-line guide to vegetarianism:
Contains recipes, articles, etc. on vegetarianism and nutrition.

Sympatico: http://www.ns.sympatico.ca/healthyway
Includes articles about health/fitness, book reviews, and links to other nutrition, fitness, and wellness sites.

Health Net:
A variety of articles on health/wellness, including fitness topics such as low back pain, weight training, sports medicine, etc.

Search engine of the National Institutes of Health. Contains search information on a wide variety of health/wellness topics.

Shape Up America: http://www.shapeup.org
This site, by Ex-U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Coop, is really neat. It has just the right amount of information to be easily used and some great fitness assessments you can complete yourself to have the site interpret for you. This is a must site to hit!

Georgia State University Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Website:
This site contains research-based information on fitness: aerobic, strength, and flexibility training, exercise adherence, nutrition and body composition, and advice for special populations. Another must site to visit if you are developing your own fitness program.

Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite: http://www.primusweb.com/fitnesspartner/
A huge fitness site with a searchable library, links to other sites, and a caloric expenditure calculator. A good place to start a search on fitness-related topics.

Wellness Interactive Network: http://www.stayhealthy.com
A good place to start an information search because it links to so many other good sites--allowing the student an overview of the many additional sites available for inspection. This comprehensive wellness site includes links to all aspects of health and wellness. It contains a good health risk assessment questionnaire, a searchable database for drug/medical information, electronic newsletters, and information concerning electronic mailing lists and newsgroups.

Fitness Files:
This site contains information about general fitness, flexibility, contraindicated exercises, nutrition, and treatment of athletic injuries.