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[VID]3-1 Creating an AutoMovie.mp42013-04-15 18:49 28M 
[VID]3-2 Adding and modifying titles in a project.mp42013-04-15 18:49 16M 
[VID]3-3 Adding and formatting captions in a clip.mp42013-04-15 18:53 14M 
[VID]3-4 Adding and modifying credits in a project.mp42013-04-15 18:44 18M 
[VID]3-5 Adjusting music options.mp42013-04-15 18:57 17M 
[VID]3-6 Trimming and splitting video clips.mp42013-04-15 18:52 32M 
[VID]3-7 Adjusting photo duration and rotation.mp42013-04-15 18:45 11M 
[VID]3-8 Adjusting and mixing video and audio volume.mp42013-04-15 18:28 8.1M 
[VID]3-9 Creating a snapshot from existing video.mp42013-04-15 18:14 12M 

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