CONFIGURATION WORKSHEET PAGE RESPONSIBLE Comments Complete Reviewed Approved rev: 12/8
CIP Definition Codes 11 Brenda Schumann
Concentration Definition Codes 12 Brenda Schumann
Degree Definition Codes 14 Brenda Schumann
Division Definition Codes 16 Brenda Schumann
Honor Definition Codes 18 Brenda Schumann
Location Master Difinition Codes 20 Brenda Schumann
Major/Minor Definition Codes 23 Brenda Schumann
Subterm Definition Codes 41 Brenda Schumann
Term Definition Codes 43 Brenda Schumann
Year Definition Codes 45 Brenda Schumann
Year Term Definition Codes 47 Brenda Schumann
Year Term Subter Definition Codes 49 Brenda Schumann not needed
CIP Code Extension (Majors and Certificaitons) 95 Brenda Schumann
Gender Codes 106 Brenda Schumann
Program Category Code (Courses, Majors, Certifications) 142 Brenda Schumann
Program Type Code (Majors and Certifications) 143 Brenda Schumann
Current Employee Type Codes 98 Doris Engelhardt
Salutation Definition Codes 34 Fonda Mathis
Joint Prefix Codes 109 Fonda Mathis
Locality Codes 111 Fonda Mathis
Marital status Codes 115 Fonda Mathis
Address Codes 74 Gabriel Boie
Address Status Codes 76 Gabriel Boie
Address Type Codes 78 Gabriel Boie
Location Type Codes 113 Gabriel Boie
Access to Module Codes 72 IT
Owner/Primary Responsible Codes 126 IT
Suffix Codes 164 IT
Prefix Codes 138 IT - Richard Bailey
(Old) Ethnic Group Codes 102 Jean Constable Sarah said skip
Vehicle Permit Definition Codes 51 Lori Petty
Vehicle Registration Status Codes 168 Lori Petty
Vehicle Type Codes 170 Lori Petty
Session Definition Codes 36 Maria D. Avalos- W/in Student Life
Armed Services Branch Codes 82 Maria D. Avalos 12/8/2008
Disability Status 99 Maria D. Avalos 12/8/2008
Resident/Commuter Codes 146 Maria D. Avalos 12/8/2008
Attribute Definition Codes 4 Mary Randers
Relationship Definition Codes 26 Mary Randers
Source Definition Codes 37 Mary Randers
Source Type Definition Codes 39 Mary Randers
Test Codes and Test Element Codes 68 Mary Randers
Attribute Type Codes 83 Mary Randers
County Codes 96 Mary Randers
Entrance Codes 101 Mary Randers
Highest Degree Earned 108 Mary Randers
Mobile Phone status Codes 117 Mary Randers
Religion Codes 144 Mary Randers
Building Master Definition Codes 6 Mitch Gould
Room Master Definition Codes 30 Mitch Gould
Area Function Codes 80 Mitch Gould
Audio Resource Codes 85 Mitch Gould
Building Functional Condition Status Codes 87 Mitch Gould
Building Ownership Codes 89 Mitch Gould
Building Physical Condition Status Codes 91 Mitch Gould
Restroom Available Codes 148 Mitch Gould
Room Area Function Codes 150 Mitch Gould
Room Setup Codes 152 Mitch Gould
Room setup Furniture Type Codes 154 Mitch Gould
Video Resource Codes 172 Mitch Gould
Building Type Codes 93 Mitch Gould & Gabriel Boie
Floor Type Codes 104 Mitch Gould & Gabriel Boie
Network Connections Codes 124 Mitch Gould & Gabriel Boie
Physical Condition Codes 140 Mitch Gould & Gabriel Boie
Room Type Codes 156 Mitch Gould & Maria Avalos
Attitude Definition Codes 2 SKIP
Resource Definition Codes 28 SKIP
Rules Based Update Definitions 33 SKIP
Attachment Type Definition 55 SKIP
PESC Academic Summary Level Codes 128 SKIP
PESC Award Level Codes 130 SKIP
PESC Course Credit Level Codes 132 SKIP
PESC Organization Code Types 134 SKIP
PESC Session Type Codes 136 SKIP
Update Source Codes 166 SKIP
Name Type Definition Codes 24 SKIP - Automatic
Certification Definition Codes 9 SKIP - Brenda will talk to training talked with Sarah
Visa Type Codes 174 SKIP - Codes All ready included
Name Format Codes 119 SKIP - Old Version
Name Status Codes 121 SKIP - Old Version
Name Type Codes 123 SKIP - Old Version
State Addition ID Codes 158 SKIP - Oregon Requirements
State Reporting Term Codes 160 SKIP - Oregon Requirements
State Structure ID Codes 162 SKIP - Oregon Requirements
Notification Method Definition 56 SKIP - Scheduler
External E-mail Address 57 SKIP - Scheduler
Notificaiton Group Definition 59 SKIP - Scheduler
Process Machine Definition 61 SKIP - Scheduler
Process Definition 62 SKIP - Scheduler
Process Schedules 66 SKIP - Scheduler